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flag LFG - Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft

Also known as "Roland"

The Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft was born on April 30, 1908 to manufacture airships engines and known as Bitterfeld, Motorluftschiff Studiengesellscaft (MStG). Krupp, AEG, and a local chemical company both also helped fund the company. Berlin housed the offices while the manufacturing plant at Adlershof. However it was transferred to Charlottenburg after a fire broke out on 6 September 1916, later attributed to a British Secret Service agent. Its first design was therefore an airship, designed by August von Parseval, the PL.II in 1910. The company went on to produce 25 "PL" airships during the war, far below Zeppelin. In addition the main hangar was destroyed by fire again when PL-26 crashed on landing, burning inside Luftschiffhalle 2, with no fatalities, but this pretty much ended airship manufacture. The second hangar served only for the maintenance of blimps. The company turned to aviation in 1913, and went on designing and producing interesting and famous planes, under the Roland trade name.

LFG Roland D.III
Roland D.III fighter prototype designed by Dipl Ing Tantzen (1916)
Roland did not stopped its operations after the war, bt went on producing civilian aircrafts in small quantities, like the V 3 Susanna, a pusher flying boat, V 13 and V 130, Strela floatplane airliners or the V101 Jasmund, V39 trainer, V40 and V42 two-seat sports monoplanes, while the company was relocated at reopen in Seddin in Pomerania, manufacturing also balloons and life boats but production stopped in 1933 and the company was shut down and its assets sold.

LFG models History

The serie started with the successful C.II und C.IIa "Walfisch" biplane reconnaissance two-seaters, of which 400 were introduced for the Luftstreitkräfte in 1916, after a first flight in 1915. The next C.III was a prototype variant of C.IId, tested but destroyed by fire when the LFG plant burned on 6 September 1916. Another prototype was the C.V, a two-seat version of the D.II, tested but not followed by any order. The C.VIII was yet another prototype, but few informations are available. The C.X was another two-seater reconnaissance biplane. The D.I "Haifisch" was the first biplane fighter of the company, fitted with a top wing mounted on fuselage, which served a bit like a preserie (20 built). It was overshadowed by the D.II, fighter of which about 230 were built. The next D.III saw only three prototypes built and tested. The D.IV (LFG Dr.I) was a triplane, which stayed a the prototype stage followed by the D.V a D.III variant also produced to three prototypes. The next D.VI was a good fighter ordered to 350 planes. It was similar to the D.III and ordered as backup for the Fokker D.VII in 1917.

LFG Roland C.II

It was followed by other fighters, mostly prototypes of 1917-1918, like the D.VII, D.VIII, or D.IX (three prototypes built), while the next stayed as paper projects D.X, D.XI, D.XII while the D.XIII was started but abandoned after the manufacture fire. The D.XIV fighter was a variant of the D.XIII, actually built and tested but showed it was unreliable. It was superseded by the D.XV a classic fighter of which three (first version) were built and tested, followed by modifications leading to two planes of the second version. The D.XVI fighter also led to a few prototypes, but was still using the same formula, but the next D.XVII was a 1918 promising parasol-wing monoplane fighter of which one prototype and tested. The G.I was single engine biplane bomber prototype, followed by two paper projects, the the ME 8 Seaplane fighter and the MD 14 reconnaissance plane.

Roland D.VIb Roland D.VIb (1917), the alternative fighter which competed with the Fokker D.VII

Roland Triplane Roland D.IV Triplane

Models list

As usual like the other pages, this list comprised prototypes or very short series which will not be seen in detail, and production ones, expressed in bold. Production figures are sometimes ellusive.

  • C.II/C.IIa "Walfisch" 1915 reconnaissance biplane 1915 (400)
  • C.III prototype 1916 (1)
  • C.V 2-seat D.II prototype conversion (1)
  • C.VIII prototype 1917 (1)
  • C.X Reconnaissance biplane 1917 (1)
  • D.I "Haifisch" biplane fighter (20)
  • D.II fighter 1915 (230)
  • D.III fighter 1916 (3)
  • D.IV triplane 1916 (1)
  • D.V biplane fighter 1916 (3)
  • D.VI fighter 1916 (350)
  • D.VII fighter prototype 1917 (1)
  • D.VIII fighter prototype 1917 (1)
  • D.IX fighter prototype 1917 (3)
  • D.XIII fighter prototype 1917 (1)
  • D.XIV fighter prototypes 1917 (3)
  • D.XV fighter 1917 (5)
  • D.XVI fighter 1917 (c2)
  • D.XVII – parasol monoplane fighter 1918 (1)
  • G.I bomber 1918 (1)

Roland D.I LFG Roland D.I (1916)

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