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Hannoversche Waggonfabrik

Hannover CL.II
Hannover CL.II (wikimedia commons)

Hannoversche Waggonfabrik AG was known as a railway rolling stock constructor until required by the German government in 1916 to start the construction of airplanes. The aircraft branch of the company was established at Hannover-Linden where other types were first manufactured under license until 1916 when the Hannover type itself came on stream. The company was founded in 1898 to build passenger and freight railways cars and was rolling stock for the German military in 1914, wans by 1916, started licensed aircraft production, after making propellers from 1915, then repair work. It had both an important skilled workforce, and large stocks of seasoned wood to start in this direction and the Grneral staff was eager to try to match allied production levels by any means. To start its own models, Hannover hired Hermann Dorner (former DFW's chief designer) in September 1917, creating the two-seat fighter Hannover CL.II, a great success, followed by the improved Hannover CL.III and IIIa about which a total of 791 were delivered until 1918.

The derivated Hannover CL.V was in production at the end of the war aafter a short preserie of C.IVs, a single seat fighter and a derivative, the F.3. These were advanced planes with excellent rigidity and thought for mass production by lowering the number of parts and had a far more powerful engine than its predecessors. Like the Italian Ansaldo SVA latee it had and unusual interplane strut arrangement that precluded the Warren truss system. But while Hannover attempted to move into civil aircraft manufacture afte the war with the F.10 and derivative airliners of the F.3, the Treaty of Versailles suspended all aircraft manufacture. Hannover turned back to its original railway stock manufacture. The Vampyr was an advanced glider (authorized) with stressed skin largely produced, which for some has been the precursor for all modern sailplanes.
  • Hannover C.I (143)
  • Hannover CL.II (443)
  • Hannover CL.III/IIIa (180+611)
  • Hannover CL.IV (5)
  • Hannover CL.V (108)
  • Hannover F.3 (1)

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