WW1 Planes
An encyclopediae of 1914-18 aircraft types


History of the Company

The company was created on 9 April 1912 as Deutsche Bristol Werke Flugzeug-Gesellschaft mbH, and settled in Halberstadt, a Province of Saxony. This was a prewar British-German joint venture with the sole object of manufacturing British and Colonial Aeroplane Company, Ltd models; namely Bristol Boxkites and Prier monoplanes. However this was short lived as soon as skills and experience was gained, the company turned to domestic designs, and by September 1913 it was renamed Halberstädter Flugzeugwerke GmbH. The new chief designer was Herr Hans Burkhardt (who later joined Gothaer Waggonfabrik, "Gotha") and Herr Karl Theiss named as technical director and chief engineer. Alberstadt will soon manufacture chief reconnaissance models, delivering some 1,700 Type B & C planes for only 85 type D fighters for the Luftstreitkräfte. The 1919 Versailles treaty prohibition of military planes forced the company to be renamed Berlin-Halberstädter Industriewerke AG and convert to innocuous agricultural hardware and railroad cars repairs and maintenance but banckrupcy was never far away in these new territories, and the company's financial wealth reached an absolute low in 1926 when proceeding were opened, and its assets purchased at auction by Junkers from 1935.

Preserved 100 years old Halberstadt C.V in the Musée Royal de l'Armée et d'Histoire Militaire, Brussels, Belgium.

Halberstadt Models

As usual, production planes are differentiated from prototypes by bold characters. B types were two-seat unarmed reconnaissance aircrafts. The biplanes were equipped with Oberursel-Gnome rotary engines, later (B.II and B.III) with Mercedes six-cylinder straight engines. Obsolete by the end of 1915, B models as well as early C models were converted as trainers. The B.II served as a basis for the armed Halberstadt CL.II.

  • Halberstadt A.I/II biplane trainers 1914
  • Halberstadt B.I biplane trainer 1914
  • Halberstadt B.II recce biplanes 1915 (100?)
  • Halberstadt B.III recce biplanes 1915 (10?)
  • Halberstadt C.I prototype 1916
  • Halberstadt C.III LR recce biplanes 1917 (6)
  • Halberstadt C.V LR recce biplanes 1918 (200?)
  • Halberstadt C.VII prototype 1918
  • Halberstadt C.VIII prototype 1918
  • Halberstadt C.IX prototype 1918
  • Halberstadt CL.II multipurpose biplanes 1917 (900)
  • Halberstadt CL.IV multipurpose biplanes 1917 (700)
  • Halberstadt CLS multipurpose biplane prototype 1918
  • Halberstadt D.I fighter 1916 (2)
  • Halberstadt D.II fighter 1916 (65)
  • Halberstadt D.III fighter 1916 (50)
  • Halberstadt D.IV fighter 1916 (3)
  • Halberstadt D.V fighter 1917 (57)
  • Halberstadt G.I twin engine bomber 1916 (?)

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