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Gustav Otto, creator of AGO

Otto C.I
Otto C.I 1914
In 1910, Gustav Otto founded the "Aeroplanbau Otto-Alberti" workshop at the Puchheim airfield, southern Germany. They flew their own planes made of wood, wire, and canvas powered by a small engine and while helping their passion gradually extended their workshop activities to an industry. Ernst Udet, the second best German ace leaned his license with Gustav himself. In 1911, the growing company was relocated and renamed "Gustav Otto Flugmaschinenfabrik" in Munich.

Its office was seated at 72 Karlstrasse, but the workshop was again moved to 37 Gabelsberger Strasse and 135 Schleissheimer Strasse on a much larger area. In 1914 Gustav started settling a brand new factory this time at 76 Neulerchenfeldstrasseand eventually on Lerchenauer Strasse, east of the Oberwiesenfeld troop maneuver area around Munich (soon main Munich's airfield and later airport). Gustav also managed to be closer to the German government's procurement process. In 1915, the company became the "Otto Werke, Gustav Otto, München" and he established another company, AGO Flugzeugwerke in the North, at Berlin's Johannisthal Airfield.

Early Otto designs were successful but he was never able to reach a cost-effective production. Otto Werke supplyed the German Air Force, but production problems accumulated to the point officials from the government agencies urged him to nationalize it. Pressure would ultimately had severe consequences on Gustav's health and after a while as no solution was in sight, the Bavarian and Prussian War Ministries ordered the company was taken over and run by the German Government, while Gustav Otto was forced to resign. The company was reorganized into Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG in March 1916 and the company was later merged with BMW AG in 1922.

Otto Doppeldecker
Otto Doppeldecker pusher 1913 model

Otto models

Production was limited both in numbers as seen above, and in types.
  • Otto 1913 pusher biplane (90+ ?)
  • Otto B 1914
  • Otto B.I
  • Otto C.I 1915
  • Otto C.II

Otto Models

Otto Doppeldecker 1913

Otto Doppeldecker
Otto Doppeldecker pusher N°8l at Flugwerft Schleißheim

Otto Doppeldecker Model B 1914

Otto Doppeldecker
Otto Doppeldecker pusher N°8l at Flugwerft Schleißheim
AGO C.III 1915

AGO FlugzeugwerkeAktien Gesellschaft was preceded by Otto, or Aeroplanbau Gustav Otto & Alberti which was eventually taken over by the Government reorganized and run as Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, later to join BMW in 1922. AGO was the Berlin 1915 subsidiary, which became a major aircraft company, without the manufacturing and financial problems of Otto.

AGO Doppeldecker 1914
AGO Doppeldecker 1914
  • AGO C.I & C.IW - pod and boom pusher reconnaissance biplane
  • AGO C.II/W - pod and boom pusher reconnaissance biplane
  • AGO C.III - pod and boom pusher reconnaissance biplane
  • AGO C.IV - reconnaissance biplane
  • AGO C.VII - reconnaissance biplane
  • AGO C.VIII - reconnaissance biplane
  • AGO DV.3 - fighter
  • AGO S.I - prototype ground attack aircraft
  • AGO Ao 192 Kurier - light liaison
  • AGO Ao 225 - cancelled heavy fighter project

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