WW1 Planes
An encyclopediae of 1914-18 aircraft types

Austro-Hungarian flag Aviatik Planes

A German company producing for Austro-Hungary

Funded as Automobil und Aviatik AG in December 1909 at Mülhausen (Alsace, new in France). In fact its owner was Alsatian Georges Chatel, starting with the license-production of French aircraft of the Hanriot and Farman types. The first domestic design emerged in 1912, and a line of successful biplanes designed by Robert Wild soon made the renown of the company. It became soon one of the major aircraft manufacturer in the german Empire, and for practical reasons was relocated to Freiburg because of the French threat in 1914, and moved to Leipzig-Heiterblick with new large facilities in 1916. A large part of the production was made for Austria-Hungary. More importantly, a subsidiary was created in Vienna, the Österreichisch-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik Aviatik. Aviatik specialized in reconnaissance aircraft like the the B.I and B.II, and the Austro-Hungarian subsidiary produced its own designs including fighters like the D.I, and a number of prototypes. The company ceased any operations in 1919 following the treaty of Versailles, with no prospect of civilian reconversion.

Aviatik BII
Austro-Hungarian Aviatik B.II on the Eastern Front near Ostrozets, Wolhynien in 1916.

Aviatik Models

Aviatik BIII
Austro-Hungarian Aviatik B.III downed on the Eastern Front.

Aviatik floatplane
Austro-Hungarian Aviatik floatplane conversion, date and model unknown.

  • Aviatik B.I 1914 recce biplane (200+410)
  • Aviatik B.II 1914 recce biplane (200?)
  • Aviatik B.III 1914 recce biplane (100?)
  • Aviatik C.I (1915) recce biplane (548)
  • Aviatik C.II (1915) recce biplane (20?)
  • Aviatik C.III (1916) recce biplane (50?)
  • Aviatik C.V (1916) experimental gull-type upper wing recce biplane (1)
  • Aviatik (Ö) C.I (1916) recce biplane (255)
  • Aviatik (Berg) D.I (1917) biplane fighter (700)
  • Aviatik (Berg) D.II (1918) biplane fighter (13)
  • Aviatik D.III (1918) prototype fighter (2)
  • Aviatik D.VII (1918) prototype fighter (1)
Aviatik D.I
Aviatik D.I plan.

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