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Development of the Austro-Hungarian aicraft industry

Knoller C.II
Knoller C.II

Aviatik, Knoller, Lloyd, Lohner, Phönix or UFAG are perhaps forgotten aviation names today; but during the great war they delivered dozens of planes, from fighters to light bombers and floatplanes for the adriatic. Austro-Hungary fought many nations during the war, not leas the Italians on their mountainous Alpine front or the adriatic sea, but also Serbs and Brulgarians in the east, Romanians and Russians. Fortunately for them, their opponents had limited indutrial capabilities to mass-produce planes and despite her limits, the Austro-Hungarian Aviation did wonders.

Austria-Hungary's economics were mostly rural, with a growing industry in and around the Czech and Austrian urban centers. Some brands were already famous like Steyr or Daimler, and the manufacturing of planes, outside the engine, only required woodworking and non-strategoc materials. With existing blueprints, any crafty company, even with only two or three artisans, could start as an aircraft manufacturer, turning a few planes a month.

Austro-Hungarian prototypes

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